The motto of our school is “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” it means that every person has some ability and is perfect in him.

This perfection in a person is not due to education, but education help in taking out the ability from darkness to light, darkness stands for ignorance and light stand for knowledge. Hence this motto is highly suggested , to an ignorant man the world seems hollow full of fears and horrors, But to an enlightened man the world is full of joy and happiness. 

He is always optimistic and aspires after knowledge fame and power. He sees the bright side of the things. He is able to see in the world more beauty and variety Education enlarges our outlook and broadens our views. The teachers are the torch bears who lead the pupil from darkness to light.

The motto of our school high lights the importance education in a person’s life. It tells us the various advantages of an educated life by comparing is to that uneducated one. Thus the motto is more appropriate of our school to come forward in every field.